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 "In an age where most of us are formed out of some plastic version of what we dream to be, once in awhile someone comes along and offers us a song or lyric. These things tie us back together and give us another day living in the real world. ​This real world BlissBliss inhabits is not filled with easy answers or maudlin emotion. Nor does it offer cliché after musical cliché. It takes a bit of pause to catch the musical breadth of Renee and Lang as they allow us into their eclectic world and musical menagerie. ​Their music is an homage to what is the best in R & B, jazz and pop, blues and rock. This entire bag of tricks has emerged into something truly Bliss/full."​
David Bunker (Former A&R/Exec REX Records)​

“When an artist hears their own voice and stays the course in spite of fear and lack of fame and financial payback, over the years they develop a body of work that becomes their personal narrative. BlissBliss has offered us nearly two decades of stories in song that give one a front window into their soul and heart. That is rare. That is a gift. Open it and give thanks.”

David Bunker

Former Head of A&R, REX Records

Although the release of their newest album Horizons was delayed, (brought to a screeching halt at several points by the rigamarole of covid shutdowns), it is no less poignant and carries an almost defiant, spirit of hope for the times and for their fans.


“We realized at some point through all the years of us doing this crazy thing called music, that the lyrics in our songs turned out to be about the very things we were dealing with ourselves. For instance Fight For Peace, from our first record, was one of them. And so many of the songs from Horizons have been that as well.”


"BlissBliss’s dedication to the legacy of sophisti-pop is sure to resonate with fans of the genre, but BlissBliss is no mere revivalist act. Lang and Renee have forged a unique and polished sound with an attention to detail and a level of musicianship often missing in modern popular music."

                                                                                                                                            JakeJenkins/InSync Magazine

Making of Horizons

The basic tracks were cut back in March 2019 at engineer and guitar player, Mark Townsend’s (Reliant K, DC Talk, Jennifer Knapp) S-s-studio with Mark seated in the engineer and guitar chair.  With Lang’s instrument of choice being drums, he enthusiastically covered that role. Eric Bikales (Stevie Wonder, Cher, Patti LeBelle, Tom Waits) brought his unique flavor and years of experience to keys and Zane Bliss (BlissBliss, The Juke House Saints, studio), their son, like a seasoned pro, created melodic and driving bass for the new arrangements.


“It was such an awesome experience, seeing these new songs come together in the studio with great players. We’ve done this a lot of times, but it always feels new and exciting! These songs came together so well!”


The talents of some other amazing musicians and singers were utilized again on this album as have been, in the past.


“David Davidson (Sheryl Crow, Katy Perry, Jason Mraz, Colin Hay) had done some string work for us before on the song Bulletproof from our album “3” and so, having him create the arrangement and play on “Crimson Love” for this album, was a no brainer!”


“We also got a hold of an old friend of ours, Tabitha Fair, to do some background vocals and she’s sung with a who’s who list of artists ((Sting, Travis Tritt, Michael McDonald,Amy Grant, Celine Dion, Vanessa Williams) and she brought such a fun and creative approach to the songs she sang on.”


“Crimson Love was a very special song to us and we wanted to kind of “pull out all the stops” so to speak and have these amazing strings and choir on it. Tabitha brought in a couple of other singers, Kim Keyes (Peter Cetera, Amy Grant, Vince Gill, Billy Joel, Reba McEntire, Rascal Flatts) and Soren Wohlers (arranger, vocal and musical director, Nashville studio), and they just stacked and completely nailed the ideas we had for the song!”


Lang and Renee also brought in friends Scott Bernard (Kenny Loggins, studio) and Kurt Stowe (Juke House Saints, studio) for some special guitar parts, sax player Mark Douthit (Lionel Richie, Elton John, Amy Grant, Billy Joel, Vanessa Williams) and friend and vocalist, Irene Kelly Johnson (Bryan Duncan, studio).


"BlissBliss is double the talent in one package… double groove and double heart and soul.”


      Mindi Abair 

    (two time Grammy Award nominated saxophonist,
    vocalist, author, and National Trustee for the National
    Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences)


Horizons as a word carries multiple meanings for the duo right now.


“Sometimes music becomes cinema. Some people call this synesthesia when colors are heard and sounds become light and hue. That is the sound track of BlissBliss. These guys are on the money when it comes to tracking their inner world but have this joie de vivre that redeems the sadness, heals the wound, and offers it all up with gratitude.”


David Bunker

Former Head of A&R, REX Records


Whether it’s in a club, on a festival stage, at a church or even in a prison, their songs and messages have always been aimed at entertaining, inspiring, encouraging and bringing restoration to all who will listen.


2023 represents the continuance of stories, messages, and art, as well as, the beginning of new HORIZONS for BlissBliss.

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