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Different World Ministries

You’ll use the old rubble of past lives to build anew, rebuild the foundations from out of your past. You’ll be known as those who can fix anything, restore old ruins, rebuild and renovate, make the community livable again.

Isaiah 58:12


Getting To Know You

Not sure if you've ever felt like God's Word said things that you just couldn't wrap your mind around in a personal way. You read something and thought, "This couldn't possibly apply to me?"

"Ministry" as a word, let alone the whole concept of it, was so much bigger than we could get our hearts to believe, that we put it off time after time. Sure it could work for others but not us!

The Lord is so kind and patient with us, isn't He? He's brought us to the place where we've wholly embraced His plans for us regarding this music and ministry. Isaiah 58:12 was the verse we found/were led to, that seemed to say what we feel like He's asked us to do. We believe also, that we won't fulfill our part if we try to do it alone and that's why we're glad you're here.


Lang & Renee (Garcia) Bliss are musicians and recording artists who’ve been at it for over 30 years. Through ups and downs, Renee’s sung background vocals and Lang’s played drums and sung, with multiple major artists in the Contemporary Christian and mainstream music industries such as Amy Grant, Michael W Smith, Ceili Rain, Geoff Moore and The Distance and countless others.


Renee sang and ministered for 10 years with Chuck Colson’s Prison Fellowship and Lang ran sound  with them as well. They’ve shared the awesome good news of Jesus in prisons, in churches, at parks, in concerts, on arena stages, in coffee houses and through overseas missions trips, all over the world. Renee and Lang have a passion to help inspire believers and non, to find and fulfill their God given purpose and calling. They perform The Dream Restoration Show and concerts in support of this purpose.


They’re involved with worship at, and love their home church. Lang & Renee currently live in Spring Hill, TN.
If you’re interested in having BlissBliss perform and speak at your church, event or show, please contact, or call/text 615-403-6405.

Our Story

Passion is hard to quantify. 
It’s easy to get caught up in but seems to take a long time to create. It’s also pretty hard to quench 
though, once ignited.

Renee and I have been “on fire” so to speak, to share our music for years and it’s never gone away. I’m as excited for the world to hear her sing as I was when she had a record deal and songs on the radio; even more now.

Because now, more than then, we have a message that’s been birthed in us from trial, adversity, pain and God’s steadfast “drive” in us.
We are that “dog with a bone, that won’t let go”!

We are still moved by amazing music and we love playing and sharing what God has done in our hearts and who He is to us.
We loved the years of playing and singing professionally for other artists, but it’s time for us to sing the songs and tell the stories of what He’s done in us and wants to do in others!

We believe that we’re called to do our thing somewhere in between the world of ministry and professional music.

We played a show up at Sweetwater Sound, the online music gear retail giant, in Renee’s hometown of Ft. Wayne, IN, as well as playing shows here
in our hometown of Nashville.
That came about because they did an interview with us in their September issue of InSync magazine: BlissBliss InSync Magazine Interview
Our little church out in Shelbyville, TN has been a wonderful encouragement to us and through our pastor and her connections, we were able to get this ministry set up and official.

So along with gigs like Sweetwater, we’re responding to ministry opportunities like The Nashville Rescue Mission, churches, events, club dates, a potential tour, etc.

So, we are happy to introduce to you, Different World Ministries!
We are an official 501c3 ministry.

Specifically, we’re encouragers and have the message of restoration; the restoration of mankind through Jesus Christ’s death, burial and resurrection to the Father and His perfect love and plan for their lives.
Whether we’re in a club or in a church, the message is the same!

As the years have passed, we’ve paid for everything: our recordings, shows, social media marketing, musicians on recordings and live shows, rehearsals, equipment, travel and lodging, etc.
If money was the reason we did what we did, we would’ve quit long ago. 

Sometimes we’re asked to sing in a church that can only do a love offering.
Sometimes we’re playing a club where the pay, is a meal from the bar.
Sometimes we’ll play at a music store because they have a very large influence but our only pay is the merch that we’re allowed to sell.

But honestly, we aren’t able to take many gigs simply because we can’t cover the expenses involved in traveling, lodging and food, etc., and we miss out on what God may want to do.
We’re simply at the place where so many doors that we could walk through, remain shut to us simply because we’re blocked, on the financial front.

So this is why we’re asking for help… really your partnership.

We just can’t do it on our own…and to be honest, we’re looking for those who “get it”.
We want you as a partner because this vision is on your own heart. You want to see the arts… music and entertainment, changed for the better and the influence of Jesus Christ brought to bear in the lives of non-believers and believers too, through us!

So, very humbly, we’re asking for your involvement; to come on board with us. 
And we don’t believe that it will happen without other believers walking alongside us and bringing their piece to the puzzle.

Would you give it some thought?
See if you feel like it’s something you feel excited to give to?
That’s what the Word says… give cheerfully.
If you want some specifics of what we need help with, here are a few:

Marketing and Promtions on Social Media for release of “Horizons”
Recording and Mixing Costs to help cover budget for “Horizons”
Touring and Live Show costs
Performances of The Dream Restoration Show
Beginning writing for new project with releases throughout 2024
Purchase of PA  
Van/vehicle for touring and dates
Repair and upkeep of gear (ie., Lang’s in ear monitors have to be repaired), etc.

We’ll apply your gift to what needs the funds most in our opinion but this just let’s you know what we’re looking at amongst many needs.

If you decide to give, your monthly gift or any amount, goes toward spreading the message of Jesus Christ’s restoration of all humanity both to the believer and non believer in places the gospel doesn’t have a lot flesh and bone presence.

Thank you for all the support and encouragement you’ve given us; it’s been amazing!

All of your financial gifts are tax deductible. To make a donation, one time, recurring, big or small, click the button below to be taken to our secure donation page operated by our partnering financial institution.

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