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Help get the BlissBliss

Horizons CD in stores

around the world!


Here it is...

We'd like you to join us on this adventure of which you'd play an important part.

We have a message to get out to the world through our music but we need your help.

Our Horizons album can go places that we only dreamt of with our new relationship with PeacockSunrise Records but we have to get the CDs manufactured and we're looking for your help to do that.

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So you heard...

We signed a record and distribution deal and now you’re here checking out the news about it!💥😊👍🏻🙌🏻👏🏻💥
It’s with a small indie label called PeacockSunrise Records.
We heard about the owner of the label through a friend, who’s band is on the sister label, Melodic Revolution Records.
BlissBliss-Horizons will be re-released officially, in 2024.

So, just to give a little context to what a record deal used to be and what it is now… 🤔
Back in the day, when you signed a record deal, the record company paid for most everything.
Both of the labels, the one Renee was signed to as a solo artist, and the one we as BlissBliss were signed to, funded everything in exchange for the🦁lion’s share of the profit.💰
Today, Indie artists, (which make up 95% of the world's artist population) fund almost everything on their own.
But this record/distribution deal is a partnership where we, the artists and they, the record label, are both bringing something to the table to cover the costs of the venture and we as artists will receive a bigger piece of the pie🥧 because of it.

We're paying for the manufacturing of the CDs 🏭 and they're providing marketing and distribution and help with promotion.

PeacockSunrise Records 📣 will help to get our release online and in brick-and-mortar record and retail stores with the help of their partnership with Amplified Distribution/Alliance Entertainment, one of the world’s 🌎 largest entertainment distributors. Horizons will be available on Amazon Prime worldwide as well as the big box stores, our website, Bandcamp, and Discogs among other retailers and mail-order companies.  

We have to pay for the first shipment of 500 CDs 💿 to be manufactured; (any re-orders will be paid for from prior sales that are saved toward that).

PeacockSunrise uses the same company to press their CDs that manufactured our CD-RPs so that makes the process a little easier and there’s trust there.

Here is where you come in!

We’re looking for help to get the ball rolling because promotion (reviews, interviews, radio) must begin 3 months 📆 before the music actually hits the streets. Manufacturing and shipping to the record label will occur shortly after the 3-month pre-release process begins.


500 high-quality replicated/Glass Mastered CDs 💿 will cost $795, with no sales tax and no shipping fee. These are "not" duplicated/factory burned CD-RPs.

Would you join us and help get our new album out to the world through this new opportunity with PeacockSunrise Records? We’ve had some support on this already and don’t have too much to get to the finish line!

If you do, we’d like to say “Thank you”🙏🏻 ❤️ in a few different ways.

Gift Packages!!

A-🔴 For any financial gift from $10 to $25, you’ll get a digital download of Horizons as a gift from us. 

B-🟠 For a gift of $26-$50, you’ll receive a digital download and a physical CD of Horizons shipped to your address.

Horizons-CD Baby PNG artwork_edited.jpg
Horizons CD - front.jpg
Horizons CD back.jpg

    Download           CD Front              CD Back     

C-🟡 There is only 1 of these packages!  If you want to give a gift of $51-$75, we’re gonna give you both of the previous gifts and include our album “3” as a download and send you the physical CD for “3” as well.

Horizons-CD Baby PNG artwork_edited.jpg
Horizons CD - front.jpg
Horizons CD back.jpg

D-🟢 There are only 2 of these packages! At $76-$100 In addition to the previous downloads and CDs, we’re giving you our No Apology coffee mug 

Horizons-CD Baby PNG artwork_edited.jpg
Horizons CD - front.jpg
Horizons CD back.jpg

E-🔵 There are only 2 of these packages! For a gift of $250 or more, you’ll receive our entire catalog that also includes Life So Far and the original REX Bliss Bliss release CDs and downloads, a No Apology coffee mug and a full size limited edition print of Renee’s original artwork, Drive!

Horizons-CD Baby PNG artwork_edited.jpg
Horizons CD - front.jpg
Horizons CD back.jpg

You can give to the BlissBliss CD Manufacturing effort through PayPal in the window below, Venmo or sending a check. Click one of the buttons below:                       👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻

Wanna use a check? Make it to Lang Bliss and send it to us at:

Lang Bliss

3104 Cathey Ct.

Spring Hill, TN 37174

If you decide to go for it, please let us know what package you want and your email and physical address, so we can get your gifts to you!

We want to get this going asap since there's going to be a minimum of 3 months once we get the order manufactured and shipped, so if you're "in", let us know as soon as you can.


We so appreciate you and thanks for riding along with us in all of this!



Lang🥁 & Renee💄

PS If you'd like to give as a tax deductible donation, you can!

Just go to our Diff'rent Wirld Ministries page and scroll to the bottom or go directly to our Donation Page at Cornerstone Giving.

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