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3 Reasons for “3”

Updated: May 26, 2020

Very rarely,

(or at least as I have discovered in life so far), does anything that is a labor of love, ever get done by the scheduled or imagined deadline, planned for it. There are always unexpected interferences, detours and delays that come up.

This is not unique to Lang and my experience; it’s common, as you pursue the things that you get up in the morning for. Many times, over countless cups of Lang’s well crafted coffee, we have sipped and dreamed our way to creating music. And so here’s a peek into my journal over the past few years…

Reason 1

In the not too distant past, we were rehearsing with a band in our studio, for an upcoming gig. After rehearsal we played some of our most recent music ideas for a guitar player friend. He liked the new songs, but asked us if we’d ever thought of recording them with everyone playing at the same time, like music “back in the day”. That’s when the inspiration to take that approach to recording the EP, hit us! We really love playing our music live with a band. There’s often an unspoken but felt “magical” moment when all the stars and planets align on stage, and that’s what happened when we went into in the studio this time. World class musicians interpreted, played and executed beautifully, that ”magic” on our songs. That was 3 years ago in 2015 and is our first reason for our EP titled “3”.

Reason 2

The second reason for our title, has to do with a surprising detour. Once the songs were recorded, things ended up on hold for a long time. It was during that time of frustration due to delay, that a long time supportive friend of ours, approached us about taking some of the songs and having them remixed. Honestly at that point, nothing was moving forward with the project. We decided we would take a, “we’ve tried everything else, so why not?” approach. Looking back on it now, there was no way for us to predict what would happen. Our song “No Apology,” was remixed by 7 world renowned DJ,s. It was played all over the world in clubs and made it to #15 on the Billboard Dance Chart! That detour led to a lot of great things happening and eventually got us back on track, ready to release “3.”

Reason 3

The 3rd reason has sentimental meaning for us. “3” is the 3rd project we’ve recorded together. The first recording on REX Records, entitled BlissBliss, gave us our first #1, “Fight for Peace.” A lot of time passed, much more than we preferred, between that, and the second project, “Life So Far,” released on our own label, Diff’rent Wirld Records. And that brings us currently to this project. We’re so excited to have our oldest son playing bass with us, both on this EP and also when we play live, so what used to be just 2 is now 3.

3 years and 3 reasons later I came across a quote that really sums it up best for our journey:

“There are really three parts to the creative process. First there is inspiration, then there is the execution, and finally there is the release.” Eddie Van Halen

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