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What's In Store For Your 2019?

Updated: May 26, 2020

2019 has started off interestingly...

From midnight of one day to 12:01 of the next doesn’t feel any different. I, Lang, was in a bar in Tennessee playing music with some friends at 12:01, January 1, 2019. We humans, are the ones that have a calendar and clock to tell us something’s changed. But inside, it doesn’t seem like anything’s different.

The past few days have brought the totally untimely death of a friend’s son who was only 24 ... same age as our own son, Zane. This guy was an uber talented drummer with an enormously bright future; already had an endorsement with Vic Firth drumsticks. It’s been hard to shake his going home. At the same time, we had an impromptu gathering of a bunch of guys and gals who all were part of a company I toured with straight out of high school... my college years...

It was surprisingly wonderful in a subtle way!

Friends and fellow Jesus and dream followers, life is speeding up. I don’t know if it’s a combination of my age, the Holy Spirit speaking, etc., etc., but things are winding up to something. I’m writing this because the Spirit in me is wanting to let you know that time is short. Let go of unforgiveness, grudges, hurts, debts and thoughts that people owe you something (rightfully or not). Get lean in the Spirit. Throw off all the pain of the past! It’s just gonna slow you down for where you’re headed. Your Papa God is doing some wonderful things for you right now! Keep your “eyes” open... don’t miss it because 2019 doesn’t feel any different than 2018. Now is the time!

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