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A Little Blissful History...

Updated: May 26, 2020

So a little blissful history...

Renee had done 2 successful records as a solo artist on Reunion records after she sang background vocals on tour with an artist named Amy Grant for about 10 years.

But we got married in the middle of all of that and I, Lang was playing drums with a number of recording artists and we were wondering when we would see each other with 2 crazy schedules going in opposite directions!

As we talked and thought about it, we realized that we wanted to do our own music together. We both loved groove music, pop and rock and also jazz.

We loved artists like Sting and Steely Dan... Seal and Swing Out Sister.

We realized that we had a lot in common musically and so we began writing songs that combined all of the things we loved. We were signed to a record label called REX and released our first project together.

Well, we were blown away to have the first #1 for the label, a song called Fight For Peace! Not many months after that, the label went under. We've said that you can't really be a recording artist unless you've been on a label that goes under!

So, years later we did the second project called Life So Far in our own studio and had some success on smooth jazz radio with a song called See The Light.

Which leads us to where we are now, having recently released our 3rd project called "3". Don't know if you knew, but we had a set of remixes done for the song No Apology and it went to #15 on the Billboard dance charts in January of 2018! It just blew our minds and we have a new set of remixes for I'm Coming Through off of "3"!

We don't know about you, but music constantly inspires us; we love just putting some good music on when we need to escape the craziness of life and just... groove a little! Music just helps us get back to a sense of who we are.

We're guessing you like music for some of the same reasons.

What inspires you? (If you reply, we promise to read your email, even if we can't get back to you:)

Ciao for now,

Lang & Renee

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