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3 Ways to Get Your Dreams Going Again

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

With less “work” in the music industry going on, we’ve had time to focus on getting work done on our upcoming EP. But it’s also resulted in us focusing on some of the things that we haven’t had time for until now but have been needing to get back to again.

For some of you, this has been a time to plug into your dreams once again and get "re-fired" so to speak, and start going after that pursuit too.

We’ve been talking over coffee in the morning about how we can focus and start to get results as we get back at it and a few thoughts have come to mind. But getting back in the saddle can be a bit challenging when things haven’t worked in the past; “what if it doesn’t work again?”

These are a few ideas that we’ve talked about and feel like we need to keep on our minds:

  1. Leave your past behind

  2. Be humble

  3. Be teachable

Leave The Past Behind

Whether you've had success or failure, your past can be, (not always) a detrement. If you've had success, you may believe that the way you've done things, is the way you'll always achieve that same success. That mindset will cause you to lose the ability to see new trends and ways in which you should operate to continue to have success.

Failures from the past can create a sense of fear, apathy and unwillingness to launch out again. Let go of that stuff and see the glass isn't half empty, or the light at the end of tunnel isn't a train, (insert dire future hopelessness phrases), etc. If you're brand new, your past may be a clean slate but don't let your excitement cause you to get ahead of yourself; there are things you need to learn to do correctly.

Be Humble

Staying humble keeps you always willing to listen; to hear new ideas and approaches to what you love to do. A humble person will seek out help in areas where they have already achieved success. Success doesn't create a pride in them to the degree that they lose the ability to learn from others.

Be Teachable

If you can let other people teach you, whether they are younger or older than you, you will continue to succeed. It doesn't mean that you have to start all over, learning something that you already know, but it does require having an attitude that believes, "I don't know everything" about whatever it is you do well.

Your dream is just waiting to be restored and fulfilled; it will be amazing! Are you willing to find out what to do, learn how to do it and then do those things? You have a purpose and there are people out there waiting for you to be the "you" they're looking for!

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