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Updated: Mar 25, 2023

Welcome to the first month of 2023!

God has plans for you to exceed your wildest imaginations this year!

Back In November I had a client drop out after months of talking and trying to get dates nailed down. I don’t think that they really wanted to commit after all was said and done; that’s a blog for another time.

No worries, but it does tend to cause a bit of, “re-calculating” to occur!

So Renee and I found some work that, in the long run, will just be temporary.

Renee is working for a family that has a member that has cognitive brain issues.

I’m working for a company moving cars 🚗 for GM.

In the past, we would have panicked, gotten fearful, then angry.

In the past we did.

We did, because we thought that we were on our own; we didn’t know what we know now, of the Father’s wondrous love for us.

You may be thinking, wow, really? You guys don’t/didn’t know that God loves you?

5-10 years ago, no we didn’t; not like we do now. Yes, salvation "kind of love", and some level of personal freedom; but that’s a blog for another time as well.

I think I have some writing to do…!

The thing that I want to get to is this:

God has used us and blessed us in some wonderful ways during this season of “re-calculating”.

The journey has not taken a left turn into some dark, unknown future or place; just a small detour. I can still see the road from here and the way back over to it is just ahead.

Renee has been able to pray and be an incredible light ☀️ and help in a situation that, to those in the middle of it, feels overwhelming. She is Jesus’ hands and feet right now to them and it is answering needs for us as well.

I’ve had the opportunity to get to know a few co-workers and share the love God has for them. One is coming back to Him from years of deep wounds; I’m getting to share more boldly, with this person, about the things they were taught that were/are incorrect, scripturally. They were raised in a “works righteousness” mindset. It’s been so exciting to share with them the true gospel of the finished work of Jesus and see them smile and see the “whaaaattt?”😳 look on their face as I share scripture addressing something they have thought, that brings a completely different understanding of who God is and what Jesus did… for them!

Last week, while praying one morning, the Lord brought to my mind 4 other co-workers, 2 couples. He gave me 4 short, prophetic words, in essence, one for each of them. I wrote them down, folded the papers and wrote their names on the outside of each one. Then I prayed about how and when to give them to them and asked Holy Spirit what to say. I gave the first 2 to one couple. They’re going through some profound struggles. The wife started tearing up and said that this was exactly what she had been asking God for; I believe, counsel on what to do. ❤️🙏🏻

I don’t remember what I wrote down for each of them; I think God wanted it that way; it’s between Him and them.

I don’t know where any of them are in terms of a salvation experience but I just felt God’s Father heart for them all. Luke 15 has 3 different stories about God’s heart for those who are lost; lost to His love for them and that they’re HIS; HIS kids, created in HIS image.

These folks are “lost” to who He really is; lost through life’s experiences, the lies of the enemy and religion, lost by their own bad choices (hello, all of us, right?)

At any rate, I have been made rich by this! 🙌🏻

I’m so excited to be used by Dad, to talk to His kids about how much He loves them and wants them to come home.

Salvation is more than one step for so many; not the initial act of salvation but the whole process of receiving all that Jesus died to give us in sozo. I’ve been asking Holy Spirit if I need to ask them where they’re at with Jesus and seeing if they want to ask Him into their hearts and experience the true “homecoming” but I know that He’ll tell me when and if that’s my part.

Father God is taking us into wonderful experiences this year!

But we’ll only experience them as “wonderful” if we know, experientially, His very personal love for us.

I’m thinking that maybe what I see as a detour, is really just God widening my road.

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Bonnie Calender
Bonnie Calender
Jan 27, 2023

Re-Calculating... great word for the first of the year! Love you guys

Lang Bliss
Lang Bliss
Mar 24, 2023
Replying to

Hey Bonnie, just saw this. Thanks! Love you!

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