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The Hill You Die On

We were meeting with some new friends over a meal recently.

You know what it’s like to meet people that you instantly click with because there are so many shared values and interests?

Everybody’s talking at the same time saying, “Yeah! I totally agree!” “Man, we’re in the same place exactly!” “Oh my gosh, we just said that same thing!”

We were all laughing and having a great time learning each others stories.

At some point in the conversation as Renee got passionate about making a point, which she can do, being Latin, (😆💃🏼!!), she made a statement that ended with, “That’s the hill I’m going to die on!”

The next day, our new friend, Kathy wrote and said, “I can’t get Renee’s words out of my mind: “This is the mountain I die on!””

We are in times and in a climate right now where it’s very easy to shrink back from life and engagement and take a defensive posture.

The decisions being made on a societal level are very restrictive, to many people. There is a definite, “wait and see” attitude that is pervading our culture. For some people, it’s a “hunker down and protect what’s mine” mentality, even. We live in a war time like atmosphere, which I don’t even need to mention.

But I say it all, to hopefully make you aware that, how we are being tempted to react and what we are being demanded to respond to, to focus on, are not the real picture.

The title of this little piece is The Hill You Die On because, if we’re willing to look up and get our eyes off the many little skirmishes we might be going through and the big ones around us, we will see that, life is flying by! It’s freaking June of 2020! Sweet Fancy Moses! We are half way through the year and so far, the vast majority of it has been occupied with fear, contention, defense, questioning, doubt, fear… did I say fear?

Maybe it’s just us, but this time has actually done the opposite of creating fear based retreat.

It has galvanized our determination and commitment to know and communicate who we are and what our lives are to be about for the rest of our days here.

Do you know what hill you are willing to die on?

We spent a lot of years wasting precious time and our purpose on what other people thought we should be doing, because we didn’t really know who we were and in turn, value that properly.

The hill you die on will become so clear as you listen to, spend time with and get to know the God of all creation and hear who He says you are.

Just a suggestion… turn off the news, quit looking at social media and get alone with God.

If you want to know what your life’s purpose is meant to be, and the hill you’re supposed to die on, knowing Him intimately, will answer that question without a doubt.

See you on the hill!

Lang & Renee

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