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Your New OS!

One day you made a choice.

Maybe it was yesterday, maybe it was years ago.

You came to the realization that your computer was really broken, you couldn’t fix it yourself and you needed way more than the Geek Squad; you needed like, the computer designer, master geek himself, to fix it.

The amazing thing that happened was that (and many users, new and old, don’t realize this even now), you got a MASSIVE upgrade that day.

But guess what?

Even though you’ll be getting a new chassis at some point (which was the deal the came with the upgrade), the OS you got that day, actually upgrades all of the most important aspects of everything from now on; no new chassis needed right now!

Those first few days/weeks, you were so excited!

All the stuff seemed so “mind blowingly” cool!

You did some new stuff and saw it work and it was unreal!

The way that it interacted with other computers with the new OS as well, actually helped you figure out how to do some of the same things on yours! That was cool??!!!

This new OS you got is so different from the one you’ve been using all along though, that it doesn’t seem to work right a lot of the time; at least, not as you expected it to.

You keep trying to access the folders that had all of the stuff you used most, and realize that they’ve been renamed and moved.

For example, that one old folder you used to go to is mostly empty; and if not, the old files won’t open in the new OS. So you go to a different old application alias that you think might get the job done, but it just keeps crashing everything.

So you go a meeting of people with the same OS and the guy who’s teaching about how to use it, says that the new OS doesn’t really work as it’s supposed to, until you get the new chassis.


That’s not what the owner’s manual says, you think.

Well, this guy seems to know more about it than you do, so you guess he must be right.

And it’s a lot easier to listen to him talk about how it works than getting the manual out and reading it yourself.

After a long time of hearing this every time you go, you kind of lose the excitement you experienced when “the whole upgrade thing” happened. You actually find yourself not even wanting to use the computer much any more. The owner’s manual seems to use a language that’s not at all like the one you had before and it just feels frustrating.

But there’s this guy you heard about from other users and it talks about him in the manual and you can actually go into a personal chat with him anytime 24/7, and he’s supposed to know the manual, like inside out, and you hear he actually wrote or had some other guys, write parts of it based on what he told them to, and anyyywaaaay,..... he can help you figure out how to get around on the new OS.


That would be like, really helpful?

So you go back to the manual, and look up the number and get in the personal chat with him.

What a cool guy!

You find out he designed the freakin’ thing; the chassis, the OS, the new chassis that’s gonna be released, and like a ton of cool features you never even heard about that actually work right now!

OMG!! What the heck?? Why didn’t you hear about this at the group meeting?

Well, you find out that the guy who was talking about the new chassis at the group meeting, wasn’t actually using the new OS all that much longer than you.

As if?!

So “The Guy” on the chat, totally understands your frustrations with the new system.

But he promises, if you go back to the manual and do what it says, it will work just like it says.

He actually explains some of the stuff that seemed cryptic and you have like, these “wow” moments and it all makes sense! It really does work just like the manual says. He tells you a bunch of stuff he did and like a ton of other people did too, just like it says in the manual and how it worked for them and he recommends a great group to go to.

And he also says he’s there 24/7 if you need to chat again; there’s no limit on support; the cost was covered in the upgrade.

You start feeling hopeful again!

Maybe this really will work?!

Hey, fellow new OS users out there....

Don’t give up because you haven’t seen it work the way it’s supposed to yet or when and how you thought it should.

Just go back to the manual and also go the the personal chat room and talk to “The Guy”.

I promise, it’ll work and you’ll be doing things you only used to dream of doing with your new OS!

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